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Founded in the mid-80’s, CRA has over 25 years of experience building metal safety equipment. From major projects for multi-million dollar corporations to one-off ROPS builds for hobby farmers, our expertise is keeping you safe.

Our desire is to produce high-quality steel equipment used in the most dangerous labor fields. And it has been since we started.  Every year, thousands of people are severely injured or killed by accidents in the labor industries. Farming, construction, mining, utilities, manufacturing, and warehousing are just a few. Proper planning and equipment means these accidents can be prevented or, at the very least, non-fatal.  We are proud to have a hand in sending your workers home every safely every night.

In 2017, CRA underwent some major, and necessary, changes. Bringing in a new leadership team, they immediately worked to pinpoint our strong suits.  And, where we need to improve. This new leadership, and the vision they brought, helped us to take the necessary steps towards reaching our full potential. As we work together, we continue to move towards producing high-quality steel equipment in the best way possible.

We know there are many other manufacturing companies in business who produce the same, or very similar, high-quality safety equipment that we do. This means that price and quality of equipment can’t be what sets us apart.  So, we got together to figure out two things:

What can we do better than everyone else?

And what causes the biggest headaches for someone looking for steel safety equipment?

By answering these questions, and building around them, we set ourselves apart in a way that best serves you!  We realized that it came down to two things;  Speed of build and customer service.  And that’s where our focus lies.

We are committed to our new way of working with you and stand on two unique aspects of CRA that allow us to confidently say “We are your best choice”.

  1. We will get your equipment in your hands faster, without sacrificing quality. Down time is expensive. You shouldn’t wait 12-14 weeks to have what you need. CRA can have it on-site faster. Often in as little as half the time.
  2. From the initial conversation to past delivery, we’ll go above and beyond to serve you. This starts by ensuring we’re on the all on the same page. We need to know exactly what you need produced and that it will serve it’s purpose flawlessly.  Then, we get you a quote back on your build in less than 24 hours.  During production, you receive pictures and updates to keep you in the loop every step of the way.  Lastly, we reach out on delivery, and then two and six weeks after, to ensure that everything is exactly as expected.

Your build is on time, on budget, and you have a great experience along the way.  Every time.

That’s our promise.


Our Mission:

To produce an amazing customer service experience while manufacturing high quality steel safety equipment faster than anyone else.


Our Vision:

To lead the steel manufacturing industry in having proper safety equipment on every labor site thus eliminating death and injury from falls, crushings, or object strikes.