6x6 Slanted Side Cab
Truck with 3 Cab
Slanted Side Cab

Crane Cab

Operator Control Room

Heavy Equipment Cab

Pilot House

Guard House

Control Booth

On-site Office

Observation Tower

Or Anything Else!

Our standard cabs are built using:

– High-strength 2″ x 2″ tubing

– 14 gauge sheeting

– Diamond plate flooring

– Safety-glass windows

If your needs require something different, we adjust to ensure your end product meets your exact specifications.

Custom add-ons include:

– 1″ Sound Suppression

– Rubber Flooring

– Insulation

– Overhang/Rain Gaurds

– Laminated Safety Glass

– Internal/External Lighting

– AC/Heater Units

– Counters/Shelving/Storage

– Design Tables

– Sliding Windows

– Tinted Plexiglass Windows

– And More!

Whatever You're Putting It On, A CRA Cab Is The Right Choice

The benefits of a high-quality operator cab are simple.  Providing a comfortable and safe environment for your workers means increasing efficiency while decreasing risk.  There isn’t a company around today, in any industry, who couldn’t benefit from being safer and more efficient.

When your workers are comfortable, they are able to focus on their task at hand.  However, if they’re uncomfortable, they’ll need more breaks, have more distractions, and get less done. Giving them a temperature controlled, quiet, and enjoyable work space means the job gets done sooner.

In addition to the increased comfort of your workers, CRA cabs can function as the legally required ROP or FOP for your implement as they meet the relevant OSHA regulations.  In addition to keeping you from incurring unwanted fines, your cab could save a life and your business.

Whether you’re in need of an operator booth, crane control house, observation tower, crusher cab, heat/cold exposure relief unit, portable office, or any other observation or control booth, we’re ready to make it happen with over 60 engineer approved designs ready to customize to your exact needs.  If one of our designs doesn’t suffice for your build, we can manufacture a fully custom cab to your exact specifications, with the engineer certification happening on your end or ours.

Partner with CRA to get more done with less headache and, most importantly, keep your workers safe.

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