Man Baskets and Work Platforms

Don't Cut Corners On Safety

Different industries focus on different things.  But there is one thing that every industry across the board is focused on.  Safety.  Making sure that each person goes home at the end of each day.  At Cabs-Rops, your safety is all that we focus on.  We know the dangers you and your workers face on the job, especially when it comes to getting people off the ground.  Whether you’re trying to get someone to the top of a skyscraper, the bottom of a mine, or give them a place to work in between, our Man Baskets and Work Platforms are here to make sure it happens safely.  Every time.

In 2017, the #1 most cited OSHA regulation was 29 CFR 1926.501 – Fall Protection.  Every year, falls are:

  • The #1 cause of deadly accidents in the construction industry.
  • Responsible for almost 40% of job site accident deaths, most from a height of less than 10 ft.
  • Becoming more common, with the numbers rising sharply over the last decade.

Fall accidents are a serious matter and can be devastating to your business, your workers, and their families.  Luckily, the rise in fall occurrences isn’t from lack of a better option.  Cabs-Rops has Man Baskets designed to fit almost any situation you’re in, and the ability the custom build solutions for the rest!

Partner with CRA to ensure that you’ve taken every available step to provide a safe work environment for the people counting on you.

Our Man Baskets and Work Platforms meet all necessary OSHA regulations.

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