Emergency Rescue Basket.

Be Prepaired, Save Lives.

Designed to give you the fastest response time in an emergency situation, CRA Rescue Baskets are built as:

Dimensions: 4' x 8' x 88" Weight: 890 lbs

– Compliance with U.S OSHA Regulation 29 CFR Part 1926.1431

– Compliance with CAN/CSA Regulation Z271-98

– Certification ID plate attached

– Safety harness anchors

– Hand/belt rail for fall protection and stability

– Lift capacity of 1,250 lbs

– Half roof for all rescue scenarios

– Drop down access ramp for easy and safe unloading

– 2″ x 2″ tubing, 14 gauge sheeting, 1/8″ diamond plate floor

– Exterior upper lifting eyes for rigging system

– Bottom lifting eyes to attach test weight and for clearance to move with forklift

– Rigging system included

You’re taking every precaution available to prevent any accidents. We know that! But even so, eventually, something is going to happen.  With a safety plan in place and a rescue basket on site, you’re prepared to react, no matter the height of the accident.

When an accident happens above the ground, the FAS (fall arrest system) prevents a long fall. But, they’re not out of danger yet.  A short fall to the arrest system can cause serious injuries. And, even if that doesn’t, just being left suspended for too long can cause suspension trauma and death.

When an accident happens, your response time has a major impact on the outcome.  You need to prepare to respond quickly.

Our Rescue Basket is designed and built to be most effective in the worst situation.  The half roof allows the basket to be raised directly underneath someone in suspension, making a faster and safer rescue.  The drop down access ramp allows easy unloading of the injured once back on the ground.  The size allows the space to perform whatever actions are necessary during the rescue.

If something happened today, would your response time be fast enough to save a life?

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